Fate vs. Destiny

Do you believe in fate?

What about destiny?

Are these existential questions based in religious belief or a way of looking at the world to help understand that all encompassing question…


Stubbed Toes by YiYo666 - Deviantart
Stubbed Toes by YiYo666 – Deviantart

Why did I stub my toe this morning?

Why did my wife leave me?

Why did I choose this career?

Why are we here?

Do you think it’s realistic to believe that had you not been fated to stub your toe this morning, you might have been hit by that car getting the paper at the end of the driveway?

Or is that just a lucky coincidence? But then, luck doesn’t exist either – does it?

Did you choose your destiny? You had too much wine last night and didn’t want to bend over to put your shoes on this morning and so through a series of personal choices you made, you set in motion the natural sequence of events leading to a sore foot instead of a trip to the hospital?

How much of what we do in life is purely coincidental? and how much do believe is preordained either by an external force/entity or simply our genetic make up? If you’d been able to hold your liquor, this morning’s toe-stubbing incident might have gone completely different… you might have even chose to walk the dog by cutting across the front yard whereby completely changing any notion of events set in motion…

This struggle with the idea of fate and destiny – the notion of what is true vs. what is imagined keeps us wondering, “What if…” and continually asking ourselves, “Why?” certain things happen to us.

Is there an all-encompassing answer or are we destined to wander through this life without a sense of purpose?

These ideas and more are touched on in my novel Time’s Tempest. Though Taya is an alien living on another world, she goes from believing in the concrete to asking that very question… Why?

Haven’t we all at some point?

Last Night’s Cover Reveal :)

party-hornLast night’s cover reveal was a success!

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The Official Cover for Time’s Tempest

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Time's Tempest - Cover Reveal

Time’s Tempest Cover Reveal – You’re Invited!

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Hiding Behind Book

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The Third Lost Chapter is now Available

The Platinum Hall Debacle – Time’s Tempest Lost Chapter 3 is now available for free download!

[The Gauntlet: Lost Chapter 1]     [A Probationary Effect: Lost Chapter 2]

The Platinum Hall Debacle - ebook cover - 850A contractor with the CTF demands a certain level of professionalism and respect. Taya’s newest employer doesn’t see a Contractor standing before him – he sees what he wants to: a little girl who isn’t worth his time. With a tight deadline for erecting the outdoor concert stage,  Taya challenges a growing prejudice as she risks her life and her livelihood.

Prejudice or Preconceived Notions

I’m sure you’ve faced this as some point on your personal life journey; being told:

“You’re too thin.”

“You’re too fat.”

“You’re too dark.”

“You’re too light.”

“You’re too weak.”

“You’re too meticulous.”

“You’re the wrong race.”

“You never finished high school.”

“You never went to graduate school.”

“You’re [fill int the blank] .”

We hit these walls in school, trying to get employment, entering new communities, and for various other reasons. My second summer working to find employment to help me save money for my second year at university brought this home for me on a personal level. I had signed up with various short term employment banks around the city when finally a job came available for which I qualified: A local older man needed help for a few days hauling paving stones around his yard in order to build a patio – general labour. I was fit and strong and ready to work. When I called to respond to the request for help, the guy basically said “no” outright. Not only was I a girl but he didn’t think I’d be strong enough to lift the pavers. Okay. I didn’t have the strength to lift heavy pavers over my head and dance a jig for him in his back yard, but I clearly thought I was strong enough to help otherwise I wouldn’t I have called.

Now, I doubt this guy considered his response as prejudiced. However, he clearly wanted a man with big muscles to come work for him. He wasn’t being sexist per-say, he probably thought he was simply being realistic. He didn’t think I was strong enough and didn’t want me to waste his time. When you’re desperate for work so that your money can be put toward something important in your life, that kind of off-hand slap in the face just ticks me off to no end.

What about you?



Are Labels Truly Defining?

introvertsIn my book Time’s Tempest, Taya isn’t your average introvert/extrovert – those labels don’t accurately apply just as they don’t for many of us. The average individual will show signs of tendencies toward one label or the other but tends to be a mish-mash of both attributes.

How then do you categorize someone who is an extremest but doesn’t fit a standard label? Do people like that actually exist?


This is where I typically shift to the nature vs. nurture debate and focus on how someone who might naturally be an extrovert shows greater signs of introvert-ism leaving that person in flux and never quite whole in their understanding of themselves and their world.

In my experience these individuals tend to either be walking time-bombs (ready to explode out of a protective shell) or come across as being scattered and maybe a bit psychotic (there is so much buzzing around in their head they find it difficult to concentrate and feel more than a little unstable).

extrovertsMy character, Taya, is the former rather than the latter. She’s built up walls around so many different aspects of herself that she’s become disjointed and single-minded. She’s literally picked up the shattered pieces of her childhood and closed them off from her waking conscious to the point of ignorance – ignorance of how they’ve impacted who she’s become and why her life followed that course in the first place.

She doesn’t ask questions… until she meets someone who encapsulates the person she might have become had the circumstances of her youth taken a dramatically different turn.

The hardest thing for someone who holds things in and builds mental walls is letting go of those safe-guards once they start to fall apart. The notions and personal realities we cling to can be just as illuminating as the forces that crept in to the cracks of our strong-holds.

While I cannot profess to have had a shattered youth to any degree of significance compared to so many children and scarred adults living in this world, I can say that what I did experience in my childhood impacted me in a similar way. Imagine never knowing you’re shy until the age of 12? or being on the receiving end of an emotional blow-out after too many picks and hammers have chiseled away at your carefully crafted walls?

That is a journey I have taken; a path I understand and a struggle I, too, am still working to fully overcome.

There is much of an author in every character she builds but the great ones shine brighter the more heart-wrenching their truths are.


Where do you fall in the spectrum of introverted/extroverted?

How would you weigh in on the nature vs. nurture debate?

Flickr/Creative Commons/Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung)
Flickr/Creative Commons/Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung)
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