Chronicles of Xannia

Join Taya on an adventure through the forbidden deserts in search of the lost chronicles as she scrambles to keep the innocent alive and the near-sighted accountable.

Shadow Phoenix

Join Louisa as she navigates the streets of Victorian London dubbed Shadow Phoenix, City Guardian by a reporter who tracks her every move and keeps her out of trouble.

D.E.M.ON. Tales

Join the secret government agents of the Department of Extraordinary Monsters, Ontario as they take care of those things that go bump in the night … and the daylight.

Flawed Attraction Romances

What is a “flawed attraction?” It’s an unlikely romance ~ when two people are drawn into the same sphere for a short amount of time and suddenly a new realm of possibilities arise.

Anthologies Anthologies

From steampunk and post-apocalyptic futures to handsom thieves and opinions about writing, find short works by MJ Moores in a variety of wondrous places.

NEWS news NEWS news NEWS

Get the latest updates on book launches, giveaways, events, sign-ings, and fun pics all in one handy location.

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