D.E.M.ON. Tales

Corpses Gone Rogue

Charged with the merciless task of protecting Ontario from things that go bump in the night, the agents at D.E.M.ON. spent the last hundred years ridding their region of the most bad-ass demons and monsters alive … or was that dead? At least, that was their M.O. until a year ago. They’d become complacent with only minor monsters and cryptids poking around. Now their duct cleaning front has morphed into more of a full-time gig. But, when the silent alarm blinks to life in the middle of another lazy morning all hell breaks loose.

Men in Black meets Supernatural in this tongue-in-cheek urban fantasy.

Newbie Nightmares

Dodge, the illusive missing agent, returns to the D.E.M.ON. headquarters and brings with him a new partner. With Yoli’s abrupt arrival and shady past, no one at the agency is fond of her, not even Junior.

Day one goes downhill fast as Dodge and Yoli jump on a cold case linked to the local Bobcat burglar … and end up in hot water.


Doctored Intentions …

A well-meaning doctor summons a beautiful mythological bird to aid the sick. Unfortunately, it’s attracted the attention of the local doves with unexpected side effects when these peaceful birds turn fowl.

With a sudden rise in ancient illnesses inflicted by dive-bombing avian, only Hex, D.E.M.ON.’s Monster Guru, stands a chance at finding a cure. But when a key member of the agency gets infected, the search for a cure becomes a race to cheat death.

Grounded in Time

When an entire town is locked in Déjà vu, the D.E.M.ON. agents are relieved to manage a simple case for a change. That is until they link the disappearance of two young boys to the time-altering supernatural clouds invading Keswick – and discover the creature at fault.

It’s up to Junior to make a connection with the hormonal, teen hatchling to save the kids. But not everyone wants the boys found or the beast banished…

Hook, Line, and Liver…

Kids are disappearing at the Stouffville Reservoir while something is setting off the agency’s supernatural mojo-metre. Tasked with uncovering the source of the serial vanishings, the team not only battles time and bizarre clues, but social media has turned death into a game of truth or dare – challenging everyone to stay alive.

Can the agents of D.EM.ON. solve these unnatural crimes before all that’s left are their livers?

A team of supernatural secret agents are watching the Tabloids and grimoires while the rest of the world is watching their waistlines.

Book IV Coming April, 2021

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