Shadow Phoenix

EPISODES 1-4: Shadow Phoenix Vol 1

Dancer, Maid, Bastard … & Sometimes Hero

A young maid is catapulted into an inventor’s explosive world the night his experiment goes awry. In a desperate attempt to save his life, and her job, Louisa finds herself on the precipice of a new life. As long as she manages to hold her tongue, and her un-lady-like curses, she could have everything her mother dreamed for her – but is that what she really wants?

Juggling the layers of lies knotted into her existence, it’s time for Louisa to face her future or die trying.

The steampunk setting hinted at intriguing mysteries to come.
~ Kim McDougall, author of The Hidden Coven series

An engrossing story and there is more to look forward to.
~ Janice J. Richardson, author of The Niagara Cozy Mysteries

As always, MJ Moores’s talent for crafting a story is evident, through her creativity and believable characters. An excellent start to a new series that will keep you coming back for each new episode!
~ C. Englehardt

EPISODES 1-4: Shadow Phoenix Vol 1

The girl without a name straddles the law to take town an evil mastermind.

Time is fleeting as Louisa hunts to discover where the next crime will take place, without revealing her identity to the one man who’s sworn to help her.

Ensnared in a tangle of her past, present, and future she battles a war on multiple fronts. But time isn’t the only thing on the run if the constabulary catch her in the act…Get your copy today!

EPISODE I: Answering the Call

After Louisa saves her employer’s life she finds herself stuck right where her mother left her — in limbo. Desperate to keep her job, she scrambles to please everyone but herself. That is, until she discovers something truly incredible in the dark of night…

Answering the Call is the first Episode in the Shadow Phoenix serial. This collection of short reads culminates toward a larger work (Volume 1).

Each thrilling episode comes to a satisfying conclusion while at the same time planting seeds for what happens next.

Follow Louisa through Victorian England as she straddles both the upper and lower class. With an increase in targeted crimes, it’s up to the Shadow Phoenix to cuss with the best of them and still be a lady.

EPISODE II: Syndicatus Evolutio

A police constable stalking Bennett’s front door sends off a zillion warnings in Louisa’s head. What she discovers inside churns her guts, and now she has to deal with an Inspector who sees her only as a nuisance.

Louisa knows there’s more going on than either gentleman is willing to reveal. She must don her alter-ego to eke out the truth. But can she save Bennett’s cloud-seeding experiment before his rival dominates the skies?

EPISODE III: Oubliette

With the rise of a new syndicate, crime has gone from petty thievery to organized corruption. While Louisa has earned a position as an inventor’s assistant and solidified her status as the city’s guardian it’s not exactly as she expected.

When Phoenix next faces-off against Scythe and Bug, they’re not alone. Bug has a new toy, and the thieves are on a mission of mayhem threatening to destroy Louisa and everything she’s fought for.

In the shadows of life’s oubliette only one thing keeps Louisa from succumbing to her worst fears—a dark secret threatening the Crown. But, without proof Louisa is hard-pressed to convince anyone of the truth as she balances on her own precipice.

EPISODE IV: Mettle & Bone

An unexpected letter heralds trouble as the past and Louisa’s curse play “hydra” while she desperately works to impress Master Bennett – or is it Mr. Bennett, now that she’s no longer a maid? With the second cloud seeding test looming, the last thing Louisa needs is a black mark on her reputation …

… but that’s exactly what she gets letting a sociopath tinker with her lightning orbs. Shadow Phoenix’s guardianship falls under sharp scrutiny by the police, and her only ally marks her as a criminal, testing more than just her mettle.

As she goes in to strike each snake’s head, Louisa is left to grapple with their sinister offspring and a growing realization.

EPISODE V: Lairs, Caves, & Credenzas

Being a City Guardian deals more with mud, dirt, blood, and fire than Louisa ever imagined. The tiaras and good manners her mother envisioned for her didn’t come with this job or Louisa’s assistant’s position either. Although, she just might get to meet the Queen if she keeps her nose clean.

During a routine stop at her frenemy’s lair, Louisa is caught between two sides of a small credenza, with claustrophobia issues and manure on her boots. The Judge comes to call demanding a new weapon, sparking his engineering princess’s dark side.

Time is fleeting as Louisa hunts to discover where the next crime will take place, without revealing her identity to the one man who’s sworn to help her. But time isn’t the only thing on the run when the constabulary catch her in the act…

EPISODE VI: Masquerading as Yourself

Living with Elenore is a lot like living with a new puppy … including the part about bouncing your owner awake and needing to go for walks. Playing chaperone to the young pilot makes going out as Shadow Phoenix a precarious event, and forces Louisa to deal with polite society a lot more often. Or impolite society as the case may be. It just so happens that the All Hallows Eve masquerade Louisa’s charge wants to attend is located on enemy territory—where a certain hand-off is set to happen.

Now, it’s up to Louisa and her new crime-fighting partner to remain masked at the masque, and retrieve a revolutionary artifact out from under the nose of one of the most prestigious people in town — the leader of the syndicate.

EPISODE VII: Missteps & Misdemeanors

No rest for the …

With the veil between the world of the living and the dead stretched thin, this Hallows eve it’s the devil’s luck that Louisa learns of a new target set by the Judge. Morrie, Louisa’s new partner against crime, is not convinced. No one deals in electricity anymore. But Louisa trusts her source and is determined not to let the syndicate get the upper hand. Following a hunch only days before the cloud seeding presentation means taking out the bad guys for good—or maybe it’ll be her soul prayed for next.


Heartache, uncertainty, & fear … the perfect storm brings everything but rain.

Time has run out. Ensnared in the tangle of her past, present, and future Louisa fights a losing battle on multiple fronts. But the girl without a name, a station, or rights is the only thing standing in the way of an evil mastermind. If she risks combating the perfect storm, will she rise up as the Phoenix or crash and burn into oblivion, destroying all she holds dear?

The final episode to Vol 1. Dive into a copy today!

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