Shadow Phoenix

EPISODES 1-4: Shadow Phoenix Vol 1

Dancer, Maid, Bastard … & Sometimes Hero

A young maid is catapulted into an inventor’s explosive world the night his experiment goes awry. In a desperate attempt to save his life, and her job, Louisa finds herself on the precipice of a new life. As long as she manages to hold her tongue, and her un-lady-like curses, she could have everything her mother dreamed for her – but is that what she really wants?

Juggling the layers of lies knotted into her existence, it’s time for Louisa to face her future or die trying.

The steampunk setting hinted at intriguing mysteries to come.
~ Kim McDougall, author of The Hidden Coven series

An engrossing story and there is more to look forward to.
~ Janice J. Richardson, author of The Niagara Cozy Mysteries

As always, MJ Moores’s talent for crafting a story is evident, through her creativity and believable characters. An excellent start to a new series that will keep you coming back for each new episode!
~ C. Englehardt


EPISODES 1-4: Shadow Phoenix Vol 1

The girl without a name straddles the law to take town an evil mastermind.

Time is fleeting as Louisa hunts to discover where the next crime will take place, without revealing her identity to the one man who’s sworn to help her.

Ensnared in a tangle of her past, present, and future she battles a war on multiple fronts. But time isn’t the only thing on the run if the constabulary catch her in the act…Get your copy today!

MJ Moores does an excellent job of keeping the story on track and moving forward at a lively pace, with loads of conflict and just enough romance. I was keen to keep reading whenever I opened my Kindle. ~ Amie S.

Everything you need for great steampunk: intriguing gadgets, cool costumes, smart and bad-ass women, action-packed mystery and a little slow-burn romance. ~ Kim McDougall [Chatel], Author of the Valkyrie Bestiary series



Murphy’s Law: Rule #1
What Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong

One kind gesture ignites a series of events that shatters Louisa’s world. Determined not to get mixed up with the daughter of the syndicate’s leader, a sense of duty and friendship pushes her to defy the man who would be king.

To make matters worse, Louisa faces an ultimatum for keeping her job, at the same time she stands to lose her heart. This maid-turned-inventor’s assistant might forfeit both just when the syndicate’s cross-hairs target the next victim.

Murphy’s Law: Rule #5

Don’t believe the universe … it has a way of slapping you upside the head when you least expect it.

Louisa had it all figured out: how to act, what to say, her place in society, and most especially, how to do her job. But now that Bennett has taken on a new environmental challenge, and the warehouse manager is unwittingly sabotaging the cloud seeding project, nothing is going right.

And don’t get her started on her after hours activities.

Shadow Phoenix knows she has to stop the illusive Jackdaw from working for the syndicate, but can she willingly sentence a man being blackmailed? Who’s really the guilty party, and why is she so afraid of letting the trickster go?

If London claims its guardian is obsolete, then why are mysterious shadows hunting Phoenix?

Louisa has outlasted her usefulness. Bennett has Jimmy now, Elly’s being trained by the RAF, and Ryn is going home. Even Inspector Hersh is ready to retire the city guardian. No one needs her anymore. If that’s the case, then who is stalking Louisa in the dead of night?

Then Paris happens.

A quick trip to France for parts and petticoats turns into a secret mission for the Queen and a final farewell. Now, Louisa must convince French law enforcement she’s become her mother’s protégé. But in drawing suspicion away from her supposed lover, she risks incarceration as an English spy.

Will she complete her mission or end up in chains?

Shadow Phoenix helps people. She doesn’t kill them.
At least, not until now…

For every win the night guardian’s team achieves against Mama Scone and her boys, the good-guys lose another dozen or more kids. Since the constabulary have taken to releasing the bad-guys, Louisa has allied with pick-pocks, slight-of-hands, and shake-down artists under the Robin Hood banner flown by the local Theives’ Guild.

Her only hope is the new guardian force, but with Ryn focused on completing her husband hunt, Elly drilling for an air-ace’s competition, and Morrie on the verge of leaving, Louisa may just have to take matters into her own hands. How far is too far when children’s lives are on the line?

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