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Time’s Tempest is Now Available!

For anyone who’s been waiting for the official online launch of Time’s Tempest, today is the day πŸ˜€

Just head to your favourite AMAZON retailer (.com/.ca/.uk/etc.) and you’ll find both the print and e-versions of the book.

If you’re a fan of print and prefer Barnes & Noble then they also have copies available for purchase.


A Few Notes:

Two day’s ago I attended my first local book event called Bookfest run by the Vaughan Libraries.

It was a fantastic day for sun and books!

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My virtual book tour is expected to be as equally impressive as my physical one.

Check out my EVENTS page for tour stops all this month

and into the early days of November.

If you’re interested in winning a free copy of Time’s Tempest and a limited edition print version of The Lost Chapters then follow me on my blog tour and gain new ballot opportunities at every stop. The giveaway draw will take place on November 3rd.

Now is the time – celebrate Time’s Tempest with me πŸ˜€


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Last Night’s Cover Reveal :)

party-hornLast night’s cover reveal was a success!

I’d like to thank everyone who RSVPed or added my book on Goodreads for the event.

The winner of the prequel book draw was MARK KONING – yeah Mark!

Today I will be starting a Goodreads Giveaway to run for the month of September for Time’s Tempest. Enter to win one of 3 free copies πŸ™‚

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The Official Cover for Time’s Tempest

As just revealed on Goodreads!

Meet me there now (6:30pm EST – 7:30pm) to chat about the cover, the book, writing, reading and what ever comes to mind!

Time's Tempest - Cover Reveal

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Goodreads Cover Reveal

Hiding Behind Book

I’d like to invite you all to join me for the cover reveal for my science fiction book Time’s Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia, Part One. will be hosting the one hour event on SEPTEMBER 1st, 2014 from 6:30pm – 7:30pm EST.

If you RSVP that you’ll be attending the event (and actually stop by my blog and say “hi” around 6:30pm OR if you add Time’s Tempest to you To Read list should you happen to already be a member of Goodreads then you will automatically be entered in a random draw to win a print copy of the prequel stories The Lost Chapters.

The winner will be announced around 7pm EST to allow for visitors to check in πŸ™‚

The reveal will take place right at 6:30pm EST on both the book page and my Goodreads blog. The hour that follows will be for chatting about whatever strikes you – the cover, the book, writing, reading, etc.

Spread the love and tell your friends!

Hope to see you on Sept. 1st!


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The Second Lost Chapter is Now Available


A Probationary Effect – Time’s Tempest Lost Chapter 2 is now available for free download!

[The Gauntlet: Lost Chapter 1]

A Probationary Effect - ebook cover - 850

Taya is finally released from her probationary status as a Contractor and can’t wait to dig into a more challenging assignment. However, the covert nature of this particular work has her second-guessing her new boss’s ethics and the validity of the contract. Will Taya be complicit in a crime and risk losing everything she’s trained for?

Working in the ‘Big Leagues’

Many of us have experienced odds-and-ends jobs when we were going through school: maybe you had your own lawn mowing service, driveway shoveling, paper route, fast food position, etc. and that was great. It put a little extra money in our pocket and gave us a bit of freedom from having to rely on our parents for, well, everything.

But what about the first day of the job you always wanted? Are you a tattoo artist? A teacher? A pilot? An insurance agent? How about a mechanic? or Graphic Designer? Hair stylist? Registered massage therapist?

How did you feel knowing you were apart of something bigger – a career instead of a job?

How did you feel when you made your first mistake? Were you humbled? Scared s**tless? Could you laugh it off or did you learn something about yourself and what you do that would stay with you always?

These are the moments that make up the larger journey of who we are. The choices we’ve made and the paths we’ve walked all add up to you and me today. Ultimately, that is what the Lost Chapters are… skipping stones that lead to one particular moment in life.

Come, spend some time with Taya, Zaith, and Dezmind as their decisions entangle them in a future known as Time’s Tempest.

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