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FORGOTTEN FALLACY: The Chronicles of Xannia, Pt 4

Drum roll please…

Announcing the release of Forgotten Fallacy: The Chronicles of Xannia, Part 4 on Cyber Monday November 26th, 2018 on Kindle and in Print.



A cruel twist of fate slams Taya face-to-face with destiny.


When the south city discovers a major alien artifact, Taya is catapulted into a salvage mission she has no business being a part of. No matter how hard she tries to tell Dez something’s wrong… with her, he doesn’t listen. He breaks promises. And, worst of all, he doesn’t understand she’s not the same woman who stormed the Underground caverns all those months ago.


Now, as a group of Talian ex-military terrorise the new world, a leading environmental scientist claims the Child Sun is destroying Xannia. The sands of time have run out.


Plan A will destroy a god.


Plan B could unite a nation… or kill the only woman fated to try.


Click HERE to BUY


Yes, it is here at long last. After several delays and a crazy year the final book in the Chronicles of Xannia is making its debut 😀

All of your favourite characters from the series are back and all the plot lines and threads are tied up for an explosive ending you won’t see coming!


Stay tuned for my new works:
Flawed Attraction – Contemporary, New Adult, Romantic Suspense series with Love Knot Books
~ Final Year Coming Feb/Mar 2019
Dark Phoenix – Steampunk Superhero, Young Adult, serial with Infinite Pathways Press
~ Episode I Coming Apr/May 2019
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Book 3: Rebels Rein has Launched!

It’s official 🙂

Book 3 of The Chronicles of Xannia is now live!

It’s been a long haul for this one but I’ve received a lot of great early feedback. The print copies won’t be ready online for another 2 days, but Kindle is up and ready for business 😉

22 years ago the Resistance failed, ending in the Nine Seas Massacre.

Forced to travel the death-waters of the Nine Seas, the surviving rebels are crammed onto a museum-ship with only an antiquated relic to help keep them alive. But soon, the disparate crew face a living nightmare as a new leader, focused solely on survival of the fittest, takes charge.

Now the fate of the ship rests on the shoulders of two troubled women: Daria, who struggles to find a reason to live; and Sister Venra, whose crisis of faith threatens her life’s purpose. Their inner war amidst tyranny and desperation takes them on a journey that will bring an end to it all … whether by salvation or damnation.


If you’re Canadian, click HERE to check it out.

If you’re American, click HERE to check it out.

And if you’re in the UK click HERE to check it out.

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Conventions – Getting into the Spirit

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I am extremely lucky in that my preferred writing genre has such an extended fandom attached to it. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to sell my books at a Guelph, Ontario’s Genre Con (a conference all about relishing in Toy fandoms). I didn’t make a lot of sales, but enough to cover the cost of the table I shared with my Writing Community Cronies.

But …

I made some great contacts and got to network with like-minded individuals about genre, craft, publicity, etc. And I had a blast! The pics in the slideshow above only give you a glimpse at the fun we had with the 501st (Serious Star Wars Cosplayers) and the average enthusiast.

I’d also like to take a moment and get a little giddy over a couple of Christmas presents I got from my mom this year. Pictured below you’ll see a steampunk hourglass and a dragon business card holder. I have been looking for fun ways to dress up my table author table at events and have spent the better part of 2 years looking for a version of both these items. Needless to say, I did squeal a little when I opened these gifts 😉




At the genre conferences I’ve been attending over the past year, I have also managed to weasel my way onto panels and into workshops as a “professional in the field“.  At Guelph’s Genre Con I had an opportunity to speak on a panel about NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) as well as talk “prop creation” — something I actually went to university for … theatre production 😉 The sword I’m holding below I carved mostly from wood, and the masks are made from a plastic bag, 3m masking tape, newspaper, and cardboard.


img_0324 img_0326











As an author, just getting out and submerging myself in the culture of readers and lovers of storytelling simply makes my heart sing (and my gut laugh – see slideshow top).

Perhaps next time I’ll see you there too 😉


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The Ad-Astra SFF Conference for Writers

I had a fantastically busy weekend attending the Ad-Astra Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Conference. Usually I attend and sit in the audience of panels, this year not only was I on 2 panels (about self-publishing), but I read the character of Natasha (a Romanian Vampire) in the one act stage-play “Trophies”, sang & then read an excerpt from Time’s Tempest, and sold some books in the Dealer Room! Not to mention I had a  run in with Darth Vader… luckily I’m still alive to tell the tale 😉

Here are some pics from the event. My table cohorts are my buds from the WCYR (Writers’ Community of York Region).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The Crumbling Pedestals Upon Which we Place our Parents

The Blackbird Song by Isaiah Stephens - Deviantart

The Blackbird Song by Isaiah Stephens – Deviantart

I watched an episode of “Bones” once (a TV forensic’s show) where the reveal of who done it had the young-ish mother (who belonged to a street gang) and her son (maybe 8-10 yrs old at best) sitting across from the FBI agents who tease out the truth – the son confesses to killing his mother’s abuser/lover. There’s a heartfelt moment when he bears his soul to her, wanting to protect her… then dead calm for 3os (a lifetime on TV) after which she launches herself at her little boy and tries to strangle him.

Her words were, “What gave you the right! He meant more to me than you ever will. I can make another child any time. He (meaning the gang by proxy) is my family – not you.”

The emotional impact of this scene and the horror plastered all over that child’s face is something I’ll never forget.

Just as I will never forget my father’s words to me (or about me to others) at various time during my teenage and adult life:

“I never wanted kids. If your mother hadn’t trapped me I’d have been in Europe by 25 (years).”

“Why don’t you ever finish anything you start?”

“That’s quite the bounce as she comes down the stairs.” (Said to an older friend & his son as they watched my ample bosom.)

“You didn’t do anything (in that play). Why did I bother coming?”

“I’m not sorry I didn’t walk you down the isle.” (I got married just after I turned 22. He thought I was too young. I’m still happily married 15 years later… his marriage to my mother was a rocky 6 years, ending when she was 23.)

And those are just the highlights that stay with me the most. That and…

“Send me a F**k**g email.”

That’s the one that started our 7 year estrangement after I phoned and cancelled last minute driving out over an hour to his place when I needed to finished marking papers for report cards that following Monday. That’s the one that had me fearing walking into his hospital room 6 days ago. Not because I thought he would make a scene (which was entirely possible) but because I was, and am, still so angry with him.

He died 2 days ago.

Nothing has been resolved and while I spent much of my life loving him dearly, I did not expect his death to hit me as hard as it has. The emotional ups and downs, the raw tears and reigning in of spent emotion so as not to scare my young son has left me far more confused than I was 8 days ago, before I even got word that he was dying.

You see, he was an alcoholic. 7 years ago he was hospitalized and told to stop drinking but his pride and stubborn nature only saw another man trying to tell him how to live his life… he said “sorry” to my step-mother when he broke the news to her. Nothing more. That’s the only apology he’s ever uttered that he didn’t take back a week later – though I suppose this time he couldn’t…

My father was always “the good guy” when I visited him on weekends as a child. My mother never spoke ill of him and let me leave her to try living with him and my step-mother at age 16… My mom later told me that I had to learn what he was like for myself – that nothing she could’ve said I would have believed until I’d experienced it myself. It was true but it was a lesson I wish I never had to learn.

It is often said by many an honoured writer that we must go to these places of hurt to be able to tell our story – whether it’s a memoir, fiction, or work of sci-fi/fantasy.

In book 2 of the Chronicles of Xannia, Cadence of Consequences (to be released this summer), my main character Taya must also confront a tumultuous relationship with her parents. Her understanding of self has already begun to crumble at the beginning of the story, but when she’s forced to face the demons of her past that delicate piece of her soul that once housed her understanding of family shatters.

I can only hope that in the days, weeks, months and years to come I will have a similar sense of fortitude to face my anger and find a place of understanding, if not a place of peace. And I will continue to examine those darker parts of my own soul through my characters and in my writing.

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