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Official Blog Tour – Day 2

Melissa5Today’s tryst through the blog-o-sphere during my merry jaunt on a fantastic virtual book tour takes me to The Writing Room 101 with a very fun and thorough interview with yours truly πŸ˜‰ And on Mamma Bear Musings you’ll find Debra Mauldin’s official book review (this is Debra’s site) which I posted on Infinite Pathways yesterday.

I’m having a blast with this tour and I can’t wait for Saturday’s book launch at Chapters/Indigo in Brampton.

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Official Blog Tour – Day 1

Time's Tempest - Taya's Eyes

Today started off with a bang as I shared a book review of Time’s Tempest on my aspiring writers website Infinite Pathways. This was followed up with a character interview of the protagonist Taya on the sci-fi book site GODMODE. It’s a short interview – check it out if you have a spare moment πŸ™‚

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