The Journey of a Lifetime

Readers enjoy a good sequel and books seem to have the market covered on that front. Hollywood has managed a few (some of the Terminator sequels were just as good or better than the original, same with Transformers, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Marvel Franchise) but their best work tends to arise from books that are turned into movies.

Girl-Reading-BookLord of the Rings

The Hobbit

Harry Potter

The Hunger Games

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Jason Bourne

People have a passion to reconnect with strong characters time and again. One of the ways that authors are taping into this journey of a lifetime is by pushing the limits of the prequel story. J.K. Rowling flexed her keyboard a little with The Monster Book of Monsters and Quidditch Through the Ages. C.S. Lewis wrote The Magician’s Nephew as the 6th book but anyone who’s read the series knows that you read that book first if you’re interested in the chronological order and not just the order in which they were written. I recently read Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and learned that prior to the release of book one in the Throne Series she wrote a mini-series of back stories about the main character Celaena Sardothien consisting of novellas of the assassin’s early exploits. Even Maria V. Snyder put out short episodes that took place before and during her Poison Study series.

There’s so much of the world of an author’s characters that never gets to see the light of day and for true fans the hunger for more is often overpowering. These writers have inspired me to share similar pieces of my characters stories before and during the series I am writing – The Chronicles of Xannia. In the first book, Time’s Tempest, 19 year old Taya has experienced far more than the average Xannian after having lived only 1/8th of her life. Certain moments in her past that are only touched on in Time’s Tempest have become the source of a series of prequels I have named The Lost Chapters.

While it is not necessary to have read these Lost Chapters to understand book one in The Chronicles of Xannia, I wanted to be able to share a bit more of this wily and quirky character with you.

The Gauntlet – Lost Chapter #1 will be released for free on eBook(s) this June in anticipation of the launch of Time’s Tempest this fall/winter.

Happy Reading,


What Am I Working On?

I just had an interesting conversation with my husband about what I’m working on these days.  He knows I recently signed on with GWL Publishing to work on the first book of my science fiction/fantasy series but he has trouble keeping track of what I’m doing.

So here’s the list I gave him:

ChecklistEditing the Chronicles of Xannia: Time’s Tempest

Writing the 3rd Lost Chapter to be released this summer

Writing the article: 10 Common Misconceptions New Authors Face (for Author’s Publish Magazine)

Writing the eBook: Publishing Options 101 (for Author’s Publish Magazine)

Outlining a new Urban/Supernatural/Fantasy called: The Hollow Kiss (in preparation for NaNoWriMo this November)

Writing the blurb for and helping a Contemporary Fiction author tweak her print book for self-publication

Reviewing the book: Desecrated

Finding and writing daily content for my new & emerging authors resource website Infinite Pathways


I will be editing a novella for an Historical Fiction/Mystery writer next month

I will be helping publicize a Thriller writer by tweaking his fb page and website next month

I will be releasing the first Lost Chapter in June

I will be reviewing the book: Arising – Prophesy of Hope Book 1

My husband looked at me and said, “When do you find the time to tutor and look after our son?”  I had to laugh.  I often wonder the same thing.  Between multitasking and keeping a strict daily planer I haven’t missed a deadline yet.  Oh, and did I mention that I just held the 2nd Annual JUZDIZRTS Author Event (the non-profit division of my website) yesterday afternoon for 8 local indie authors?  Needless to say, I’m glad that’s over so I can free up time for everything else on my list!

For those of you who have or are trying to start your own business, this will resonate as the norm.  Until you start to turn a profit, you’re stretched to your limit and beyond just trying to scrape by.

But I’m doing it.  And nobody ever said that following your dream was easy 😉


At the Beginning with You

This is the title to the first song my husband and I danced to at our wedding in 2000.

hand“We were strangers
Starting out on a journey
Never dreaming what we’d have to go through
Now here we are
And I’m suddenly standing
At the beginning with you”  Donna Lewis & Richard Marks

At the time it aptly described our humble beginnings and now I keep returning to the idea that I’m starting at the beginning of a new adventure in writing with you, my reader.  It is a journey I hope to make with you by my side and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but right here, right now.

The idea of the journey is also significant as it is an all-encompassing theme that I have adopted for my writing.  Quite often my characters go on a physical journey but the most vital expedition they make is the one to self-awareness.

No matter the genre or scope of the tale, be prepared to walk with me into the hearts and minds of individuals facing a personal cross-road or life-changing crisis.

So I invite you to take my hand and travel with me to new and exciting places in search of those things we’d rather were left untouched.


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