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The Fourth Lost Chapter is Now Available

Uncovering Truths – Time’s Tempest Lost Chapter 4 is now available for free download!

[The Gauntlet: Lost Chapter 1]     [A Probationary Effect: Lost Chapter 2]     [The Platinum Hall Debacle – Lost Chapter 3]

Uncovering Truths - ebook cover - 850

Now that Dezmind knows the truth about his past, he’s breached the Talian Compound in search of the key to his future. Dealing with the common citizens of Xannia’s largest city, Darzeth Prime, makes his search for the lost child difficult at best, impossible at worst. How much is he willing to risk to fulfil his destiny?

*     *     *

In my previous blog I touched on the ideas of fate, destiny and truth. These ideas are the fundamental thrust behind the main story Time’s Tempest.

Some citizens believe the government will handle the ensuing environmental crisis while others believe the government is only hiding the truth from the people.

One son of a high-ranking Council Member of the elite race of the Talians believes he knows the truth and leaves the safety of the Government Compound to prove his theories.

His first mission, as an impressionable 18 year old, is to find the lost child… for he’s certain his future, hers, and the state of the planet depend on it.

*     *     *

So, the question then stands… Do I believe in a pre-ordained or genetic destiny?

Quite frankly, I’m a fence sitter. There are days when I could swear my episodes of deja-vu come from dreams I dreamt in days past, and there are times I wonder at the puppetry the average citizen faces in the hands of the government. I’d like to think our destinies are wide open and susceptible to change with our independent choices… but on the other hand, how much freedom do we really have? Is it all a delusion? Is our genetic make-up as big a factor as some claim it is? Are we constantly trying to overcome our genes to achieve what we want to get out of this life?

Heady stuff, eh?

I started out by writing a story about a man with a vision and the woman who would set him straight… a quest, a journey, an adventure in a new land – but it became so much more.

I hope you will join me on this journey October 1st, when Time’s Tempest comes available for purchase in print and e-book.

Let’s raise a glass to diversity and the promise of tomorrow 😀

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Fate vs. Destiny

Do you believe in fate?

What about destiny?

Are these existential questions based in religious belief or a way of looking at the world to help understand that all encompassing question…


Stubbed Toes by YiYo666 - Deviantart

Stubbed Toes by YiYo666 – Deviantart

Why did I stub my toe this morning?

Why did my wife leave me?

Why did I choose this career?

Why are we here?

Do you think it’s realistic to believe that had you not been fated to stub your toe this morning, you might have been hit by that car getting the paper at the end of the driveway?

Or is that just a lucky coincidence? But then, luck doesn’t exist either – does it?

Did you choose your destiny? You had too much wine last night and didn’t want to bend over to put your shoes on this morning and so through a series of personal choices you made, you set in motion the natural sequence of events leading to a sore foot instead of a trip to the hospital?

How much of what we do in life is purely coincidental? and how much do believe is preordained either by an external force/entity or simply our genetic make up? If you’d been able to hold your liquor, this morning’s toe-stubbing incident might have gone completely different… you might have even chose to walk the dog by cutting across the front yard whereby completely changing any notion of events set in motion…

This struggle with the idea of fate and destiny – the notion of what is true vs. what is imagined keeps us wondering, “What if…” and continually asking ourselves, “Why?” certain things happen to us.

Is there an all-encompassing answer or are we destined to wander through this life without a sense of purpose?

These ideas and more are touched on in my novel Time’s Tempest. Though Taya is an alien living on another world, she goes from believing in the concrete to asking that very question… Why?

Haven’t we all at some point?

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