Cover Reveal a Success!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my friends and readers who stopped by last night for the Cadence of Consequences cover reveal on Goodreads. You made an exciting night even more wonderful by being there to share it with me πŸ™‚

If you were unable to attend the cover reveal, be sure to stop by the book page to learn about new characters, new developments with old characters and to read the first chapter.

And so, without further ado, here is the front and back cover in all it’s magnificent glory – lol! I do hope you like it.

Cadence of Consequences Cover Flat - 96dpi

Cadence of Consequences is currently on pre-order via Amazon’s Kindle until midnight September 27th.


That’s right, I’m holding a giveaway from now until September 27th at midnight. If you share my book trailer for Time’s Tempest on any of your social media sites you can enter into a draw for a free e-book (of your choice) from my published collection found on the MY BOOKS page of this website [see the rafflecopter link below for all options]. Connect to my facebook page for ease of sharing πŸ™‚ And thanks for joining me on this crazy adventure as I prepare to launch Cadence of Consequences: Book 2 of The Chronicles of Xannia on Monday September 28th πŸ˜€



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What Do Your Dreams Tell You?

Flickr user BurningMax (Creative Commons)
Flickr user BurningMax (Creative Commons)

I usually have very vivid dreams when I sleep… as long as I’m not stressed out πŸ˜‰ As the first day of school approaches, and my son gets ready to attend full-day kindergarten for the first time, a personal sense of something akin to peace is settling my well-being… and that means the dreams have returned.

More often than not the dreams I remember are good contenders for books or stories. This time, I think the new fantasy series I’m writing (The White Raven) is informing my dreams and maybe my mother being courted by a new beau too…

How do these two things relate?

Well, the dream centred around a difficult time I went through after changing schools as a pre-teen; but in the dream I never moved away from this new school. I went on to high school with the very people who made my life a living hell at that elementary school… but not all the kids were horrible to me.

There was this guy who was teased badly about his last name – Warner… The kids called him “Wiener”. That’s the only negative thing they ever said to/about the guy and I guess he was used to it because he never let it show that it bothered him.

It would have bothered me – and an even worse nickname did, eventually.

Well, in my dream some version of myself as a teen in this alternate reality ended up dating David Warner – the nice guy who was a bit of a geek but still cute in his own right πŸ˜‰ (kind of sounds like the guy I married!) And my subconscious took me through a lesson I wish I’d learned as a pre-teen – Ignore the bullies; don’t try to be a part of the ‘cool’ crowd; celebrate the ‘nice’ kids.

You see, I had been coerced by one of my supposed ‘cool’ friends to date another cool kid who “liked me”. Of course, I later found out that he was ‘curious’ about me and my past and really had no other interest in me beyond that. So, after sharing my ‘secrets’ with him (I was altogether too trusting and still am) he dumped me 3 months later and started to use those secrets against me.

Enter David Warner…

The day I was planning to do something rather stupid (because I could no longer handle the incessant bullying and negative teasing) he hung out with me over lunch break and, well, we had a great time. I completely forgot about those creeps who I thought were my friends and for 45 minutes I had a ‘normal’ lunch break with someone who treated me like a real friend.

Now, here’s how my new series and my mother fit in to this.

In my ‘what if’ alternate reality dream David and I hooked up in high school… me and the ‘good’ guy – not the ‘cool’ guy. While it’s true that in my real high school experience I did much the same thing, it struck me that my main character, Dray, had to learn how to deal with her own ‘difference’ in elementary and high school. And, like me, she tried desperately to fit in to the ‘cool’ crowd – but it never really worked out. She became a bit of a ‘nice rebel’ – lol!

You see, my mom also had a habit of dating the ‘wrong’ guys (at least from my perspective) and now, in her late 50s she’s finally met a ‘nice guy’ who treats her right… her own David Warner so to speak. And Dray, my character, tries her darndest not to fall for anyone, but finds herself inexplicably drawn to a ‘nice guy’ but is certain she’ll only mess things up with him too.

I tried to find David Warner online today. I googled his name, checked facebook and linkedin but honestly – I’m terrible when it comes to trying to find people like that.

Why was I trying to find him?

To thank him.

I don’t think I ever did.

… and, now I’m curious to see if my mental projection of what he looked liked in the future actually matches reality πŸ˜‰ Dreams are crazy that way πŸ˜‰ Still, it’s been over 20 years since I gave him more than a passing thought. I also have a great memory for people I shared classes with during my elementary days – whereas I seem to be fairly forgettable to them, lol!

What about you?

Have you ever had your dreams try work things out for you while you’re sleeping? What about trying to find someone from your childhood?

Weaving Words – An Author Event

Weaving Words 2015This will be my 1st year attending this wonderful local event. Anyone who lives in the Ontario GTA is invited to swing by for a chat and enjoy the many celebrations Weaving Words has to offer πŸ™‚

Book 2 in The Chronicles of Xannia Coming Soon!

cave tunnel quote - 300dpi

Trapped in a foreign Underground world, Taya battles inner demons and alienation as the man she promised to protect… to love… remains firmly planted in the government’s cross-hairs; hell bent on fulfilling his destiny to change the world. Constantly accosted by a fanatic sect of the Followers of Light, praising her as a false goddess in a religion she never truly believed in, Taya searches for something to return a sense of meaning and purpose in her life. As her skepticism for the impending coup grows so too does Gerrund’s lack of trust, undermining not only her sense of self-worth but their ability to overthrow a corrupt government.
Even as Taya desperately works to establish a communication network spanning the Deserts in an effort to keep a promise she never should have made, her past interferes causing any sense of the future to spiral out of control. It is up to Taya to fix herself and her fractured relationships in order to embrace her destiny and help two very different men attempt to alter the course of history.

Free Read & Review Copies of Time’s Tempest!

Free+BooksHi everyone!

I just started a promo with Choosey Bookworm today to help spread the word about the first book in The Chronicles of Xannia series – Time’s Tempest. Since book 2 is due out at the end of the summer I wanted to share book 1 with more readers. So if you know of anyone who would be interested in reading Time’s Tempest send them on over to Choosey Bookworm to register for a free copy! The first 30 interested readers will get either a mobi or epub copy send directly from me πŸ˜‰

Thanks so much!

❀ ❀

A Guest Post About ePublishing

Good morning everyone,

I’ve had the good fortune of being invited to share my insights into the world of eBook publishing over on Kylie Betzner’s Blog today.

If you’ve ever been interested in publishing your own eBook, refining an existing ePublication or are simply curious about what us authors do to get our work out to our readers, swing on by for a visit πŸ˜‰

The Crumbling Pedestals Upon Which we Place our Parents

The Blackbird Song by Isaiah Stephens - Deviantart
The Blackbird Song by Isaiah Stephens – Deviantart

I watched an episode of “Bones” once (a TV forensic’s show) where the reveal of who done it had the young-ish mother (who belonged to a street gang) and her son (maybe 8-10 yrs old at best) sitting across from the FBI agents who tease out the truth – the son confesses to killing his mother’s abuser/lover. There’s a heartfelt moment when he bears his soul to her, wanting to protect her… then dead calm for 3os (a lifetime on TV) after which she launches herself at her little boy and tries to strangle him.

Her words were, “What gave you the right! He meant more to me than you ever will. I can make another child any time. He (meaning the gang by proxy) is my family – not you.”

The emotional impact of this scene and the horror plastered all over that child’s face is something I’ll never forget.

Just as I will never forget my father’s words to me (or about me to others) at various time during my teenage and adult life:

“I never wanted kids. If your mother hadn’t trapped me I’d have been in Europe by 25 (years).”

“Why don’t you ever finish anything you start?”

“That’s quite the bounce as she comes down the stairs.” (Said to an older friend & his son as they watched my ample bosom.)

“You didn’t do anything (in that play). Why did I bother coming?”

“I’m not sorry I didn’t walk you down the isle.” (I got married just after I turned 22. He thought I was too young. I’m still happily married 15 years later… his marriage to my mother was a rocky 6 years, ending when she was 23.)

And those are just the highlights that stay with me the most. That and…

“Send me a F**k**g email.”

That’s the one that started our 7 year estrangement after I phoned and cancelled last minute driving out over an hour to his place when I needed to finished marking papers for report cards that following Monday. That’s the one that had me fearing walking into his hospital room 6 days ago. Not because I thought he would make a scene (which was entirely possible) but because I was, and am, still so angry with him.

He died 2 days ago.

Nothing has been resolved and while I spent much of my life loving him dearly, I did not expect his death to hit me as hard as it has. The emotional ups and downs, the raw tears and reigning in of spent emotion so as not to scare my young son has left me far more confused than I was 8 days ago, before I even got word that he was dying.

You see, he was an alcoholic. 7 years ago he was hospitalized and told to stop drinking but his pride and stubborn nature only saw another man trying to tell him how to live his life… he said “sorry” to my step-mother when he broke the news to her. Nothing more. That’s the only apology he’s ever uttered that he didn’t take back a week later – though I suppose this time he couldn’t…

My father was always “the good guy” when I visited him on weekends as a child. My mother never spoke ill of him and let me leave her to try living with him and my step-mother at age 16… My mom later told me that I had to learn what he was like for myself – that nothing she could’ve said I would have believed until I’d experienced it myself. It was true but it was a lesson I wish I never had to learn.

It is often said by many an honoured writer that we must go to these places of hurt to be able to tell our story – whether it’s a memoir, fiction, or work of sci-fi/fantasy.

In book 2 of the Chronicles of Xannia, Cadence of Consequences (to be released this summer), my main character Taya must also confront a tumultuous relationship with her parents. Her understanding of self has already begun to crumble at the beginning of the story, but when she’s forced to face the demons of her past that delicate piece of her soul that once housed her understanding of family shatters.

I can only hope that in the days, weeks, months and years to come I will have a similar sense of fortitude to face my anger and find a place of understanding, if not a place of peace. And I will continue to examine those darker parts of my own soul through my characters and in my writing.

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