My 1st Article Published with Indyfest Magazine!

I had an opportunity to speak candidly with a fellow author-turned-small-publisher recently and the results became the article Slush Pile Salutations. If you happen to be a writer looking at breaking in to traditional publishing, I think this article will not only make you smile (and shake your head) but realize that you still very much have a chance at being recognized for the great work you do.

For those of you who are readers, this article might just give you a chuckle at how some new authors catch a miss-step by not reading submission guidelines… it’s really an eye-opening read about the preparedness (or more accurately not) of new authors trying to break into the market.

I had a blast chatting with author & publisher Douglas Owen – I hope you have just as much fun reading about it πŸ˜‰

Slush Pile Salutations

Indyfest Mag

Published by M.J. Moores

I am a writer of adventure stories (although this is not an official category my writing spans YA, NA, Speculative Fiction, and Romance) who taught high school English in a past life. I am a freelance writers and editor who loves giving creative writing workshops and advising about the self-publishing landscape. I'll have 3 books published in my Chronicles of Xannia series as of April 2017, 3 non-fic industry publications, three short stories in two anthologies, and one essay on the believability factor in fiction writing in a guide to writing. I am a mother and a wife with an OCD bent toward organization - but I hate cleaning and anything related to it, so I'm definitely not a housekeeper! ;) I learned how to shoot an olympic bow when I was in high school and I look forward to taking it up again in the future. I enjoy playing adventure games on my PSIII, X-Box 360, and Wii. I have a quick mind and a good sense of humour but I am not a humourous person, though I try.

8 thoughts on “My 1st Article Published with Indyfest Magazine!

  1. when I was staring out, odds of something like 10,000 to 1 were cited on being accepted by publishers. which sounds horrific, but someone told me how many submissions were in purple crayon, or other such strangeness. the odds are a lot lower if you send them what you want, they are busy people, and expect authors to be professional. So good article.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Suzanne πŸ˜€ It really was an eye-opener speaking with Doug. I had no idea so many 1st timers still made these mistakes! With the advent of the internet and the ease of doing research I just took for granted that everyone ‘followed the rules’ πŸ˜‰


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