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My 1st Article Published with Indyfest Magazine!

I had an opportunity to speak candidly with a fellow author-turned-small-publisher recently and the results became the article Slush Pile Salutations. If you happen to be a writer looking at breaking in to traditional publishing, I think this article will not only make you smile (and shake your head) but realize that you still very much have a chance at being recognized for the great work you do.

For those of you who are readers, this article might just give you a chuckle at how some new authors catch a miss-step by not reading submission guidelines… it’s really an eye-opening read about the preparedness (or more accurately not) of new authors trying to break into the market.

I had a blast chatting with author & publisher Douglas Owen – I hope you have just as much fun reading about it 😉

Slush Pile Salutations

Indyfest Mag

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