Cosmic Vibe

I had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed for a local TV program on Monday morning (as soon as I have the footage I’ll post it). I was at the studio to plug a local event I’m partially organizing with an author friend of mine – JUZDIZRTS, Words & Music.

So, I’m waiting in the green room with several other guests for the show, chatting about being a sci-fi writer with the drummer of Social Hysteria (a local rock band). Another band member mentions a book (I believe) that is a cross-over between the trek and star wars universes. So then we start to banter about what that might look like as a major motion picture and how they would solve the problem of ‘long ago and far away’ with ‘future exploration’. Then, the lead singer arrives back from the cafeteria and shows us a $5 bill he just got as change for his tea – it was drawn on to make the prime minister look like Spock!

Go figure 😉

What are the chances that two of the band members and me are chattin’ about sci-fi and Star Trek and band member number 3 comes back and has remotely been apart of the conversation all along?

Needless to say, we had a good laugh at that one!

Have you ever experience a strange cosmic alignment like that?

Social Hysteria

Alex (base), George (guitar/lead vocals), & Malcolm (drums)

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