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Fun & Laughter – Fall 2015

This past autumn brought with it more local opportunities than ever for selling my books and hanging out with friends, fans, and other awesome writers. Not wanting to inundate my blog followers with a ton of ‘event updates’ I thought I’d put together a little slideshow to showcase the fun & laughter.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Read Local Caledon – Library Collection

Last night was a lot of fun as my book Time’s Tempest was included in the launch of a new collection at my local library. Called “Read Local Caledon” the collection is made up of writers who live within or just outside of the town of Caledon’s boarders. We get a special spine label and a place on the front page of the website.

The authors being celebrated each had half a table in the main room to meet n’ greet the public and sell a few books. It was a wonderful evening full of smiles and laughter… even at the very end of the evening when coffee flew from a cup and landed on my book display! Luckily it only ruined a bunch of business cards, a few flyers, and one book… and since it was a library rep who belonged to the offending coffee, the book in question was immediately purchased with apologies.

At the time it didn’t even dawn on me that all the books I had on display might have been ruined for one simple beverage spill… I laughed it off but later wondered how might I have reacted had the worst happened?

I honestly don’t know… I think I probably still would’ve laughed and then cried on my drive home. No author wants to see their ‘baby’ disfigured but more importantly, when you’re on a tight budget every book with a mark or stain becomes one less you can sell.

Here are some pictures from the event 🙂

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