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Split Personality

I’m beginning to think it’s a prerequisite for authors to have split personalities.

Not the official diagnosis but the conceptual one.

I was just thinking about how terribly I’ve been procrastinating on one particular job all this week – every time I think of it, I see a looming and daunting task that I just want to run away from… and effectively have been by doing other things instead of it.

My protagonist, Taya, does not procrastinate.

So how does a master procrastinator get inside the head of a doer?

Well, my OCD handicap just happens to be organizational – I have a need (not an unhealthy one) for everything to be in its place. I orchestrate events (or just simply plan going out of the house) down to the last minute of detail.

Consider how much I have accomplished in this past week – how organized I am with my coming blog tour in October, dealing with book reviewers and author membership sites to help get the word out about me and my new book. I write fresh content for my writers website Infinite Pathways nearly every day, I just finished one edit for a Victorian Mystery writer in Canada and I’m about to conclude another manuscript edit for a Contemporary Supernatural Horror writer in Australia. I’ve accomplished more in one week than many authors manage in a month or even a year sometimes.

So, even though I procrastinate – I’m a doer, like Taya. I understand the drive and the need to achieve something in a day.

As writers we can’t help but include a little bit (or more) of ourselves within our writing and our characters. Personal experience is what brings flat words on a page to life and the more honest we are the more real our work becomes.

And there you have it: on top of being a jack-of-all-trades, I can’t even keep my identity straight… No wonder Taya nearly looses her mind – I can’t even keep my own straight – lol!

Do you have a split side to your personality?

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