Split Personality


I’m beginning to think it’s a prerequisite for authors to have split personalities.

Not the official diagnosis but the conceptual one.

I was just thinking about how terribly I’ve been procrastinating on one particular job all this week – every time I think of it, I see a looming and daunting task that I just want to run away from… and effectively have been by doing other things instead of it.

My protagonist, Taya, does not procrastinate.

So how does a master procrastinator get inside the head of a doer?

Well, my OCD handicap just happens to be organizational – I have a need (not an unhealthy one) for everything to be in its place. I orchestrate events (or just simply plan going out of the house) down to the last minute of detail.

Consider how much I have accomplished in this past week – how organized I am with my coming blog tour in October, dealing with book reviewers and author membership sites to help get the word out about me and my new book. I write fresh content for my writers website Infinite Pathways nearly every day, I just finished one edit for a Victorian Mystery writer in Canada and I’m about to conclude another manuscript edit for a Contemporary Supernatural Horror writer in Australia. I’ve accomplished more in one week than many authors manage in a month or even a year sometimes.

So, even though I procrastinate – I’m a doer, like Taya. I understand the drive and the need to achieve something in a day.

As writers we can’t help but include a little bit (or more) of ourselves within our writing and our characters. Personal experience is what brings flat words on a page to life and the more honest we are the more real our work becomes.

And there you have it: on top of being a jack-of-all-trades, I can’t even keep my identity straight… No wonder Taya nearly looses her mind – I can’t even keep my own straight – lol!

Do you have a split side to your personality?

Published by M.J. Moores

I am a writer of adventure stories (although this is not an official category my writing spans YA, NA, Speculative Fiction, and Romance) who taught high school English in a past life. I am a freelance writers and editor who loves giving creative writing workshops and advising about the self-publishing landscape. I'll have 3 books published in my Chronicles of Xannia series as of April 2017, 3 non-fic industry publications, three short stories in two anthologies, and one essay on the believability factor in fiction writing in a guide to writing. I am a mother and a wife with an OCD bent toward organization - but I hate cleaning and anything related to it, so I'm definitely not a housekeeper! ;) I learned how to shoot an olympic bow when I was in high school and I look forward to taking it up again in the future. I enjoy playing adventure games on my PSIII, X-Box 360, and Wii. I have a quick mind and a good sense of humour but I am not a humourous person, though I try.

3 thoughts on “Split Personality

  1. Reblogged this on Double Your Presence and commented:
    Interesting thoughts on a Split Personalities concept in Authors by Accomplished writer M. J. Moores.
    Her article made me think a little and gave me some new perspective into how the minds of some (If not all) Authors and Writers work which I am definitely grateful for.
    Check out some of her work in her site and if you like them, consider supporting her and maybe even paying her a visit during her next book event 😉


  2. It is an elusive fact but very true.
    We all seem to have some sort of split personality based on the roles that we hold with every different group of people we hang out with and also, with every different situations we find ourselves in.

    We behave accordingly to those specific situations because as Human Beings, we adapt to life.
    That’s what we do best 😉

    But ultimately, as much of a social chameleon we are, there will still be a part of us that always remain constant no matter which “Mask” or role we take on.

    I’ve checked out some of your work and I am convinced that you are absolutely, undeniably passionate about what you do and that is something that will forever remain in you no matter what “Mask” you choose to put on.

    I really like what you are doing with your site and I hope to see more of your work from you. Yes, you got a new follower! Keep up the good work 😉

    David Long


    1. Thanks David, I really appreciate your kind words.
      Yes, the “Masks” we wear are many and varied to be sure – if nothing else, my training in theatre has taught me that much and being a teacher taught me the rest, lol!
      It’s good to have you aboard 😀


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