Epiphanies and Creativity

Epiphanies are those rare “lightbulb” moments we humans have when things suddenly click in our mind and either what we’ve been stressing over or an understanding that’s been eluding us becomes wonderfully and incredibly clear. These moments are rare for me as I’m stubborn and pig-headed by nature and tend to wrestle with ideas andContinue reading “Epiphanies and Creativity”

Nominated for the Liebster Award

This week I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award. It’s a writing and content award for bloggers by bloggers who acknowledge great content and good writers who are just beginning their blogging career. I’d like to thank Renee Scattergood for the nomination and I graciously accept this award. In doing so, it is now myContinue reading “Nominated for the Liebster Award”

Live Interview on Blog-Talk-Radio

Last night I had a wonderful opportunity to speak about Time’s Tempest, read an excerpt and talk shop with Tom and Robin, hosts of The Writers Lounge on Blog-Talk-Radio. As I’ve never done a “live” interview before, I’d gotten myself all worked up for this one with stomach butterflies and all but everything went smoothly…Continue reading “Live Interview on Blog-Talk-Radio”

It’s Giveaway Day!

~ Today’s the day! Spread the word and let everyone know that I’m taking over Dragon Knight Chronicle’s 12 Days of Christmas Event Page and spreading some book-ish cheer this holiday season 🙂 Stop on by DKC’s Page and participate in all the book-related fun! I’ll be taking polls, sharing some behind the scenes anticsContinue reading “It’s Giveaway Day!”

My Official Book Trailer for Time’s Tempest!

I had a blast working on this with my trailer producer over the last month. If you get a chance, click on the link and check out the epic conclusion to all our hard work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ2yy_ZrCL4 Don’t forget, the 12 Days of Christmas is going on at DKC starting today – with lots of fun,Continue reading “My Official Book Trailer for Time’s Tempest!”

The End of a Tour…

… but the Beginning of a New Age I must admit that I have been lax in announcing the winners of my blog tour giveaway. I know who you are, I do! I’m not being lazy and the procrastination in letting you know you’ve won stems from a blissful exhaustion for a hard week’s worthContinue reading “The End of a Tour…”

Time’s Tempest – A Book Interview

Originally posted on Aromatherapy Information & More:
TIME’S TEMPEST The Chronicles of Xannia, Part One By: M. J. Moores Book Interview 1. Can you tell us a bit about your newest release, Time’s Tempest, and how The Chronicles of Xannia are different, and similar, to the Lost Chapter series?  First off, The Lost Chapters are…

Time’s Tempest Now Available & Guest Post “What Do You Do When it’s Your First Time?”

Originally posted on bhalsop:
What do You do When it’s Your First Time? Guest post by M.J. Moores, OCT. Author. Editor. Freelance Writer. So, “IT” happens – after dozens of rejection letters from agents you dedicated the last three months to finding a small publisher looking for exactly your kind of book… and you found…