The End of a Tour…

… but the Beginning of a New Age

I must admit that I have been lax in announcing the winners of my blog tour giveaway. I know who you are, I do! I’m not being lazy and the procrastination in letting you know you’ve won stems from a blissful exhaustion for a hard week’s worth of virtual book touring and an equally long month to my book launch since it became available October 1st.

Knowing that I have a smattering more of guest posts to participate in at the beginning of November and the fact that I’m nearly 10,000 words into writing a new book for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month)… oh, and did I mention that all my Saturday’s for this month are booked with author events too?

Do you see now why this post is coming a little late? and my fabulous winners have been left holding their breath in anticipation of learning who they are…

Needless to say, I’d like to thank everyone for participating in the tour organized by DKC (Dragon Knight Chronicles) – whether you joined in the giveaway fun or simply read a post or two here or on another host-site… it really does mean the world to me to know you’re out there 🙂

And so, without further ado (or procrastination) the winners of both a prequel copy of Time’s Tempest: The Lost Chapters and Time’s Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia are…

Alexis Lantgen (USA)


Renee N. Scattergood (Australia)

Rest assured Ladies, I will be contacting you via email within the next 24 hours to make arrangements to mail you your books! Congratulations 😀

Times Tempest - ebook cover - 850 Time's Tempest - Official Book Cover

Published by M.J. Moores

I am a writer of adventure stories (although this is not an official category my writing spans YA, NA, Speculative Fiction, and Romance) who taught high school English in a past life. I am a freelance writers and editor who loves giving creative writing workshops and advising about the self-publishing landscape. I'll have 3 books published in my Chronicles of Xannia series as of April 2017, 3 non-fic industry publications, three short stories in two anthologies, and one essay on the believability factor in fiction writing in a guide to writing. I am a mother and a wife with an OCD bent toward organization - but I hate cleaning and anything related to it, so I'm definitely not a housekeeper! ;) I learned how to shoot an olympic bow when I was in high school and I look forward to taking it up again in the future. I enjoy playing adventure games on my PSIII, X-Box 360, and Wii. I have a quick mind and a good sense of humour but I am not a humourous person, though I try.

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