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Book1TimesTempest3_1400Something is wrong with the planet of Xannia. Earthquakes are becoming more and more frequent and the supply of verrin in the water, which is essential to life on the planet, is disappearing. When a Prophet organizes a trip into the Deserts in search of an ancient city that might hold clues for saving the planet, Contractor Jutaya Fyce is forced into being the guide. However, the desert has a way of unveiling many secrets, some of which the government doesn’t want revealed. It will take Fate and all of Jutaya’s training to discover the truth and keep both Jutaya and the alluring Prophet alive to tell the tale.

A Sci-Fi Adventure with an undercurrent of romance, “Time’s Tempest” is one of the best reads a reader can pick up this month.  […] New monsters, mysterious assassins and spies, as well as the mystery behind the planet’s problems are the focus of the conflict, while the truth about Jutaya and the Prophet sets the stage for further adventures in the next book …

                                 InD’Tale Magazine Feb. 2015

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Moores has a knack for a vibrant depiction of sound, taste and view, making the reading highly imaginable. In the end, I didn’t just get to read an enjoyable sci-fi, but one that proposes plausible futuristic technologies with relatable facts of social and political views.                                    Lit Amri, Readers’ Favorite May 2015


M. J. Moores brings us this tale of fantasy and her use of description of place and development of characters held me to this story. She is a writer who knows her craft and she is well on her way to giving us more…                                                                                                                             The Writers Lounge


Time’s Tempest is an epic journey, with so many twists and turns my head is still spinning. There is action throughout, and the intrigue, the sheer excitement of the journey had me completely hooked. I love conspiracy theories, so add in science fiction, prophecies, destiny and a fight for the truth, and it equals one grand adventure. One which is too good to miss…                                                       The Writing Room 101


To all Sci Fi enthusiasts out there I am sure you would love this book, but I can also recommend it to anyone, especially book groups, who enjoy a well written, excellent tale. I look forward to the next episode – I’m hooked.                                                                                                                        Diana Jackson, Author

‘Time’s Tempest (The Chronicles of Xannia, #1)’ by M. J. Moores is a well written, action packed science fiction story. The book held me captive from beginning to end. The author writes descriptive action and adventure throughout the story…                                                                                              Debra Mauldin


I thought that the characters were well developed and the plot line was compelling. Taya is a strong main character and I can’t wait to see what happens to her next. I love sinking my teeth into a new world, and I found myself quickly immersed in the experience of Xannia. I am looking forward to reading The Lost Chapters next.                                                                                                                             Sandy Foster


Time’s Tempest takes place on the planet of Xannia which faces a dangerous environmental threat, a subject that is certain to resonate with any young adult today. A strong female protagonist, a dangerous quest, unexpected plot twists, and scientific mysteries – this book has a knack for holding your attention.                                                                                                                                 Serguei Tchertok


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