On the First Day of Christmas my Crazy Muse sent to me…

My good writing buddy Melissa Barker-Simpson has developed a truly amazing, fun and yet wicked world of fantasy. She introduced this series with a novella called The Contract and then followed it up with Fallen as she dove into serializing this fictional realm (The Collective) and all the many and varied characters who populate this “world”. She’s been inspired to write a story that easily fits into the overall arc of this series but, in my opinion, it works as a stand-alone too. Yes, there’s a bit of a learning curve on the characters if you’ve never met them before, but they’re soooooooooooo cool you’ll want to stick around and find out more about them regardless. I love Mel’s writing style and I love what she’s doing to blend her love of the 12 Days of Christmas with this amazing world. I hope you’ll take a peek and enjoy the ride along with me 😀

I’ve seen a lot of inventive posts over the last few weeks that play on the twelve days of Christmas theme. Of course my muse latched onto this, and sent me the twelve days of the Fractured instead!

My dad always loved Christmas. He had many traditions, some of which we still follow (like French toast on Christmas morning – yum!). He was a stickler for putting his tree up twelve days before Christmas, and taking it down twelve days after. It’s one tradition I can’t stick to…I’m far to excited to wait until mid December! So, instead, I’m going to start my twelve day story. I hope you enjoy.

On the First Day of Christmas my Crazy Muse sent to me…A god with an ace up his sleeve.

Okay, so it was official. Gods made lousy drunks.

Orion stared at his cousin, Darius, the only member of his family he…

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4 thoughts on “On the First Day of Christmas my Crazy Muse sent to me…

  1. Woot! Can’t wait 😀 And yes, we do need to catch up. Perhaps between Christmas and New Years when things have calmed slightly 😉


  2. Thanks so much, M.J. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the story and that you love the characters I’ve created. Orion is preening a little bit 😉 you’re such a supportive friend. I’m blessed ❤

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    • I wish I could do more. I feel like we haven’t exchanged ideas in ages. I couldn’t pass this up though, I really do love what you’ve created. It’s like you cracked open my reader’s soul and are writing just for me! LOL! Keep up the great work 😀

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      • You do plenty 🙂 But you’re right…we’re long overdue a catch up! I want to hear all about your current projects. And it’s funny you should mention writing for you – someone is stopping by on day ten who I know you’ll particularly enjoy 😉

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