Meet Guest Author M.J. Moores

I can’t thank Chris enough for spotlighting me and my debut novel Time’s Tempest on his book blog. It’s opportunities such as these that help spread the word and the love 😉

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Melissa6 portraitHi there, bet you’re wondering why I’m using my initials M.J. instead of my full name. Honestly, I didn’t want to scare male readers away from considering my book but then, my publisher and I agreed that an image of the main characters eyes on the cover would add to the mystery of the book… and we all know that guys don’t like walking around with a book that might remotely hint at women or love… even if it’s not “women’s fiction” or “romance” – so I sort of shot myself in the foot there. But I don’t mind. All throughout high school my teachers and peers called me M.J. at my request. After semester one of grade 9 I realized that there were an awful lot of girls with the same name as me in my year. So it’s really not such a ridiculous moniker to be known by.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author M.J. Moores

  1. Welcome Melissa 😀


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