Flawed Attraction Romances




Cops & Robbers Isn’t Just for Kids

Shell Rockwood’s family has her life all planned out, but she’s got a secret to help her break free and jump into the driver’s seat.

Jax Forrester has a lot to live up to as an officer climbing the ranks, determined to play by the rules and get out from under his father’s shadow.

In order to expose a crime-ring and get a break in the case, Jax goes undercover as Shell’s new boyfriend to gain access to the high-end garage on her family’s resort winery.

Shell risks having her secret exposed as she’s forced to play nice and bring Jax into her world of mechanics and luxury cars. Can they work together to catch the criminals or will their pretend romance send both of them careening off course?

A sweet romantic suspense with a hint of spice.

Graduation Can be Killer …

Beth pushes beyond her comfort zone to prove her final sociology thesis. She turns a chance meeting with a known player into her own personal experiment on first impressions. Weaving herself into casual meetings with the guy reinforces her assumptions… until she’s no longer the one pursuing him.

Jeremy’s only serious relationship is with his studies as he competes for the coveted post-grad theoretical chem spot with Dr. Young. When the campus goes into lockdown and everyone is evacuated to the stadium, his habit of “fun only” friendships turns into a curse.

Can he trust a skittish girl he’s known for ten days to help him find his not-so-theoretical chem project or will her assumptions about him keep her at arm’s length?

Final Year – a fast-paced romantic suspense that keeps you guessing at every turn.

Five Days With the Enemy …

Amber leaves a college scholarship when she discovers her father keeping secrets. But, instead of facing long-standing family issues, she rolls the dice on Josh and agrees to help her ex- with a crazy scheme. Josh has five days to “keep his legs” or his bookie comes collecting. It takes heart, determination, and quite a bit of convincing for Amber to climb into the truck with Josh and help him earn enough money to pay off the hard-nosed loan shark before thugs come after him. But, being trapped in a car together stirs up a murky past, and threatens to expose the lies they’ve both been running from.

Jump in the back of the pick-up while we go for a ride in the Algonquin region of Ontario. Watch Amber and Josh rock and roll through penny-pinching adventures, odd jobs, and making every cent count!

When the dead refuse to rest…

A university student discovers documents hidden behind a dorm wall and is catapulted into a cold case that turns up the heat.

Lexie’s just trying to get through midterms, and a drunken roomie isn’t helping her catch up on beauty sleep. Her freshman year at U of G is turning out a lot like her year of college – useless. Lexie doesn’t know what to do with herself until she discovers a dead girl’s hidden dissertation.

David’s desperate to join the force. It’s the only thing he’s ever wanted to do. Problem is he can’t pass the entrance tests, so for bonus points on his resume he volunteers with the university’s SafeWalk program.

David inadvertently gets caught up in Lexie’s mission to uncover the mystery of the dead girl’s missing thesis. Someone doesn’t want the dead to talk. Can David help keep Lexi safe or will they both risk their hearts and their lives for tainted justice?

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